About Our Cancer Center

The St. James Cancer Center is an integrated cancer treatment facility with radiation oncology, medical oncology (chemotherapy), hematology and laboratory services. Our physically integrated center promotes a team approach to cancer treatment in a healing environment. 

Comprised of experts in their fields, the radiation and medical oncology teams at St. James Healthcare include doctors, nurses, radiation therapists, a dosimetrist, and a physicist. All these staff members are board certified in their respective fields and have earned widespread respect in the medical community. 

Our certified oncology nurses are highly trained registered nurses dedicated to providing responsive and compassionate care. In addition to their clinical expertise in managing side effects, administering chemotherapy drugs and assessing patients, our nurses provide both patient and family education.

We take extensive precautions to ensure your cancer treatment as comfortable as possible. However, you may experience side effects from your care, such as fatigue or nausea. It's also common for patients to suffer bouts of sadness. 

Your physician and oncology nurse will discuss these possible side effects with you and how to minimize them. As well, we can help you when you're not at the cancer center in managing possible cancer pain and the emotions that follow.

At the St. James Cancer Center, we provide care for the whole patient, not just the treatment of their cancer. Learn more about other services we provide for our cancer patients.